Monday, September 19, 2011

A Family of Five!

Tonight for Family Home Evening, we were talking about how Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to be RESPONSIBLE.  Addison has been so good about doing homework each night, going to bed on time and getting back into a routine, that we decided to take it up a level and allow her to get a pet. 

His name is Eric.....I'm assuming from Little Mermaid????  Jace calls him "FISHYYYY!!!!!" 
 I'm just hoping he lives through the night!

My Favorite Sunday of the Year!

Addison's Primary Program was this past weekend.  Because I'm out of Primary now, I'm completely out of the loop and spaced taking her to her practice the day before. I kept going over her part with her hoping she would know when to go during the program.
At lease she made the audience laugh. Her teacher was asking everyone in their class, "_________, how can you be like Christ"....and they would each say their rehearsed part in the microphone.
When it was addison's turn, he barely says, "addis....."  She cut him off, marches to the microphone and says,"By saying my prayers each day".  She didn't wait for him to ask and just proudly announced it anyway.  When she turned to sit down, he says, "well, okay!"    I guess that's what I get for missing the practice!  

Uncle Matt and Aunt Ashlee, Bunca, Daralyn and Stockton came and I'm sure Grandma was thinking of her while touring around Europe......nah, probably not:)   Addison waved like a prom queen the entire time!    She was even excited to see Robin (a lady I teach with) who had come to watch her Grandson, it made Addison's day!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The crib is officially down!  I took it down over the weekend.....he takes GREAT naps in it....but sleeps horribly in it at night.  So, here's his last photo being a  baby! 

Here he is being a "big boy".....and a nude as Addison so affectionately calls him when he's naked.  Its exhausting being grown up!

Kindergarten Baby!

Addison officially has begun her lifelong journey called SCHOOL!  I "choiced" her into the school I teach at so I can be with her during the day.  It has been so much fun to see her around the halls every day instead of just 2 days a week for preschool. I think she's beginning to think she is some kind of celebrity.  At every turn, there is some student yelling, "Addison!.....Gimme 5!......Can I walk you to class?.......Can I have a hug?......I like your backpack.....Do you want candy?......."  She's going to have such a complex by the time she hits first grade!  

I handled it pretty well on her first day.  I took the day off when she went to preschool and watched the playground like a stalker to make sure she had friends!  This year, she marched right in her class and I walked to my own class.  It has certainly been a struggle fighting her in the morning to get dressed, breakfast, hair, teeth and in the car in one piece.  She loves homework, she says, "Mrs. Mayhew just misses me every day!" and she loves to come into my classroom to hang out with her admiring "fans".  

Here she is!   She INSISTED on buying "running shoes" so she can "run like the wind".  I HATE  what I call, "tenny runners".  I don't know why, they're fine for comfort and exercise....they just don't complete an outfit in the right way.   She of course, disagrees. (I say right, Addison says left).   So I caved for her first official day of school, and she got to wear her running shoes.  I had to laugh because she came home distraught on the first day saying, "Its against the rules to run on the playground". I laughed hard at that one!

Table Re-Do!

The end of the summer was crazy!  I moved classrooms three days before school started (from the classroom I had just moved into in June) my evenings and weekends have been spent thowing together a room enough to start school with.  On my way to the school one Saturday, there was a HUGE fundraising yard sale in Payson.  I stopped and found two FABULOUS deals.  The first was a sewing table that I bought for $15 dollars.....still in the garage waiting to be refinished along with the rest of the pile.....and a rickety table for $8.  Honestly, I overpaid, but it was for a good cause...I didn't think this table would stay together long enough to get it in the back of the truck.  It had peeling paint, severe water damage on top and four legs that were going to need severe hot glueing! Just kidding...I used hardware.... I do love to hot glue whenever I can.....don't knock it 'till you try it!

I sanded the entire thing down....the white paint was horrific.  I think I took at least and inch off the top because of the water damage and staining. Then I painted the whole thing my favorite creamy beige and glazed it.  This time, my garage wasn't as hot, so the glaze wiped off MUCH easier than before.  I stained the top dark as well.   

I know the pictures are shadowed.....that would be the help of my 2 foot tall side kick trying to lean over my shoulder and put the lense cap on constantly.....

I think I want to to take it to my classroom, or cut the legs down to make a new coffe table.  Who knows!